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Lawn Care

It has been a very tough year for your lawn. With prolonged snowy periods in February, and the driest July in years. That is why at VGS we have developed a separate lawn care facility to help your lawn to repair and recover, making it better equipped to cope with whatever the weather throws at it in the coming months.

Compaction, Thatch, and a poor growing media all conspire to weaken grass making it more susceptible to weeds, pests, and diseases. Our dedicated team can relieve and improve all these conditions giving your lawn the chance to flourish.

Whilst their gardens are tended, existing maintenance customers can benefit from regular condition checks, offering a very pro-active service exceeding that available from other lawn maintenance services, and with an extensive local customer base, those opting for lawn care only benefit from the knowledge that we will be aware of seasonal infestation trends and what methods to implement to protect your lawn against likely pests and diseases before they occur.

If you feel your lawn could benefit from this service, including a free initial survey, please fill in our request form and a member of our team will contact you shortly to discuss arrangements further.

Prices start from as little as £18.50 per treatment (depending on agreed schedule and size of lawn)